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Facilitated Training: The New Essential in a Post-COVID World

In a post-COVID world, facilitated training is more important than ever. Virtual meetings and conferences have now become the norm, so it’s essential for professionals to learn how to facilitate discussions and lead virtual meetings with confidence. Zoom has become the go-to platform for virtual meetings and online training, but knowing how to make use of its features is key.


What Is Facilitated Training?

Facilitated training is an effective way to transfer information and knowledge between two or more people. It involves guiding individuals through the process of learning while providing support and encouraging collaboration. Facilitator training focuses on teaching participants how to use successful techniques to guide conversations and create engaged learning environments. It also covers topics such as active listening, facilitation techniques, communication strategies, problem solving, time management, conflict resolution, and more.


When done correctly, facilitated training can help users develop their skills in areas such as public speaking, team building, leadership development, customer service improvement, and even sales tactics. This type of learning is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs or business people who need help managing teams or facilitating group discussions.


Using Zoom for Facilitated Training

While there are many platforms that can be used for facilitated training—including webinars and video calls—Zoom has become one of the most popular options due to its ability to host large groups of participants at once. With Zoom’s easy-to-use interface, users can easily share screens with other participants or create breakout rooms for smaller group discussions. Plus, Zoom has built-in features that allow facilitators to control the conversation by muting participants when needed or sharing polls with attendees during a meeting.


Users can also take advantage of Zoom’s built-in whiteboard feature which allows them to write notes on a digital canvas while they present or discuss topics with their participants. This makes it easy for facilitators to provide visual aids which can help keep participants engaged in the discussion. Additionally, Zoom’s conferencing feature allows facilitators to easily connect multiple parties at once without having them all be in the same physical location — something that was incredibly difficult before 2020!


Overall, facilitated training is becoming increasingly important in a post-COVID world where virtual meetings are the norm. Using tools like Zoom can help facilitators lead conversations effectively while allowing them to engage with their audience in exciting new ways! By utilizing these tools properly and taking advantage of their features — such as breakout rooms or whiteboards — facilitators will be able to create engaging learning environments that foster meaningful connections between all involved parties. Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to build better relationships with your customers or a parent looking for ways engage your children during virtual school sessions - facilitated training will be an invaluable tool moving forward. Sign up for Brand You Leadership's Facilitator training today!


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